Woman standing inside a home with a snow scene outside and a text bubble saying, "Hey Google, warm up my Volvo."

Volvo First to Launch Google Assistant-enabled Device Integration

Volvo steps further into the future by being the first car manufacturer to bring Google Assistant-enabled devices to their vehicles. As a continued partnership with Google, Volvo will begin to roll out this integration service that allows Volvo drivers to control certain elements of their vehicle through voice commands.

It’s as simple as speaking into your smart phone. Volvo drivers will be able to talk directly to Google to control functions like warming up their car or locking it, without any touches of a button. Volvo says this integration is all about convenience for their drivers, and the list of available commands is expected to increase in the future. Two-factor authentication will be put in place to ensure safety for crucial features, such as unlocking the car. This will ensure that only the right people at the right time can unlock the vehicle, safely.

Further adding to the convenience of the Google Assistant programme, users can receive information about their car remotely from their phone. This allows for functionality like adjusting charging scheduling, allowing customers to set specific times to charge their electric vehicles.

“Volvo Car Group was first to introduce Google technology and services in our cars, and we are now looking to be the first to integrate fully with Google Assistant-enabled devices – it is a natural next step in our partnership with Google. This integration allows us to improve the customer experience immensely, because it gives customers the possibility to easily and securely manage their car while at home or on the go, through any personal device that has Google Assistant.”

Functionality will be available to all Volvo drivers over the next few months, so get in touch with our Volvo representatives at Archibalds Volvo if you’re interested in learning more.

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