Volkswagen Tiguan R Steering wheel close up.

Meet the Volkswagen R

The power is in your hands. 

Steeped in heritage but eyes on the future, Volkswagen R is the performance range to watch. For 20 years, the brand has been an icon and the fifth generation is no exception. With a number of R models to choose from, you best prepare for an intricate blend of sport, sophistication, and undeniable thrills.

Discover Volkswagen’s powerful models and their capabilities.

Volkswagen T-Roc SUV parked on the side of a road at night, only lit up by the brake lights and a license plate light.
Volkswagen Tiguan R interior steering wheel and digital dash.

What is the Volkswagen R Brand?

Introduced in 2002, Volkswagen R models offer a combination of high performance, style, and usability, packaged in track-style looks. In select Volkswagen models only, the legacy began with the Volkswagen Golf, which made its debut as the first production vehicle with a dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). Wildly popular – much to Volkswagen’s surprise – they released the Golf R in the United States and Australia in 2004. As we anticipate the arrival of the fifth iteration Golf R in New Zealand, it’s safe to say the model hasn’t lost its appeal.

What Does the R Brand Entail?

Today, the updated ‘R’ badge denotes a sports or high-performance model. The coveted R typically sits on the grille, front fenders, and trunk, offering many opportunities to showcase the vehicle’s status.

Though the bells and whistles vary slightly from model to model, they all have performance in mind and looks that stand out from a crowd. Most have 4MOTION (AWD) and DSG (Dual Clutch gearbox), giving them the ultimate, street-legal power. With expressive trim and accent colours on the interior and body suspension kits to turn heads, the R is guaranteed to demand attention.

What about the R-Line?

Volkswagen understood that enthusiasts loved the look of the R models, but didn’t need the performance that came with them. The brand listened to their market and created a range that mimicked the R’s street cred design, but kept the same chassis as the base models.

Many R-Lines include upgraded front and rear bumpers, spoilers, badges, and larger wheels, but lack the extra oomph needed to rev it on the track. Perfect for stylish school pick ups, road trips, and the work commute.

Above shot of a blue Touareg driving on a treelined highway.

Meet the Range

We’re delighted to introduce to you four of our newest Volkswagen R vehicles: the Golf R, Tiguan R, T-Roc R, and the Touareg R. Learn more about them and register your interst through our two Volkswagen dealerships, Miles Continental Volkswagen in Christchurch and Autoworld Timaru.

Volkswagen Golf R

This hot hatch features handling upgrades, ushering in a new era of agility and sportiness, especially around cornering. With 235kW of power and 400Nm of tourque, this 7-speed DSG is ready to thrill.

Register your interest at your local dealership.

Blue Volkswagen Tiguan R parked in a modern looking home's driveway.

Volkswagen Tiguan R

The ultimate Sport Utility Vehicle. We’re stepping it up a notch by making our popular SUV, the Tiguan, into an R model. For the first time, Volkswagen owners can experience the performance formerly available exclusively in hatch form.

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Volkswagen T-Roc

This popular model is receiving an exciting upgrade with the R model. This small SUV will bring style and power to the streets in ways never seen before. Stay tuned for more information.

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Blue Volkswagen Touareg SUV close up of wheel and bonnet, taken from the side.

Volkswagen Touareg R

The most powerful Volkswagen to ever enter the series production. Stay tuned for more information.

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Overseas models may be shown. Actual New Zealand specification may vary.

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