Miles Toyota Customer Celebrates 1,000,000 Kilometres

We love nothing more than featuring enthusiastic Toyota owners, so were delighted when Cory from East West Coaches reached out to share that his trusty Toyota Hiace had hit an astonishing milestone of 1,000,000 kilometres on the odometer! Eager to delve deeper, we asked him a series of questions about the history of his Hiace and presented him with a plaque to mark this special occasion.

What’s the history of your Hiace?

“The Hiace was purchased from Miles Toyota in 2016, and has had regular servicing since then. The engine/drive train hasn’t had a spanner on it except for replacing the starter motor and alternator, for preventative maintenance and peace of mind. It’s also had one front wheel bearing, the sensor in the airbox, and wiper motor/wiper arm rack. Other than that it’s untouched!”

What do you use it for and where does it travel?

“The Hiace has mainly been used for our shuttle service from Westport to Christchurch, via the Lewis Pass. We provide public transport from the West Coast to Christchurch both in the Lewis and Arthur’s Pass.”

What are your plans for the Hiace now?

“We have 6 Toyotas in our fleet due to their reliability and efficiency. We plan to run this Hiace until the engine starts showing signs of fatigue, and when this time comes we’ll have a new motor fitted and it’ll be put back into service.”

Thanks for sharing this exciting milestone with us, Cory!

You can stay up to date with East West Coaches’ Hiace on their Facebook, Instagram, or website.

If you see them out on their travels be sure to give them a wave!

Discover the Toyota Hiace

The Toyota Hiace works as hard as you, and is built to make that hard work easy.

The fact that two of our customers have reached this astonishing 1,000,000km milestone (reach more on Chen Li’s 1,000,000km Hiace) is a testament to how reliable and efficient the Hiace is.

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