ILAM Toyota powers up with 134 solar panels installed

We’re thrilled to share that ILAM Toyota has joined Miles Toyota in investing in solar energy, installing an impressive 134 solar panels across the dealership. A 55kW system with both production and consumption monitoring, the new panels will help power all areas of our business including vehicle sales, parts, service, and administration.

Thank you to the team at Solar Power NZ for installing our solar panels – a feat which we’re sure was a little more complicated than your standard business or home given the day-to-day movements of our dealership.

ILAM Toyota solar panels being installed
ILAM Toyota solar panels being installed

Long term benefits

With the help of these new solar panels, we look forward to utilising more sustainable energy sources in the future and reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources.

Our Diamond Toitū Enviromark Certification

ILAM Toyota and the wider Miles Group, are taking action to shape a better tomorrow in all facets of our business. Installing these solar panels is just one of the many steps we’re taking. We’re proud to have achieved the Toitū Enviromark Diamond Certification, which marks five years at this level and highlights our commitment to protecting our environment. In order to achieve (and maintain) this certification, we must implement and maintain environmental programmes to address significant environmental aspects, ensure processes are in place to monitor these impacts, and have effective operational control over our activities so that they are effectively managed and unlikely to cause negative impact (just to name a few!). Read more about our Toitū Enviromark Certification.

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