The Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club

The Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club

Reactivating our Land Rover-dedicated Facebook and Instagram has allowed us to discover many passionate Land Rover owners right here in New Zealand.  We at Archibalds are amazed and moved to see so many owners out and about with their Land Rovers and even more so seeing Land Rover owners get together as a community.

One of the many amazing Land Rover owner clubs that are actively tagging our Archibalds Land Rover Instagram profile (@archibaldslandrover) in their Instagram posts is the Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club.

The Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club (CLROC) formed in 1966, is one of New Zealand’s oldest 4WD Clubs with membership currently standing between 145 and 155. Four-wheel drive trips are just one of the major activities the club holds, varying in duration from one day to weeklong camping trips.

Other activities include social events and non-competitive navigational exercises, as well as off-road training and safety aspects, where they provide complete driver education/training and safety checks. The club is open to all makes of four-wheel-drives with similar capabilities to a Land Rover, including (not limited to) Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux, and Nissan Patrols.

Land Rovers lined up on mountain area
Members of CLROC standing on a lookout
The Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club

If you’d like to be part of the Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club exploring four-wheel-drive tracks and riverbeds, head along to a monthly meeting – they meet every third Tuesday of the month (except for January where it is the fourth Tuesday) at the Belfast Rugby Club Rooms, 18 March Place, Belfast, 7:30pm. If you would like to learn more about the club, message them on their Facebook or Instagram pages or head over to their website and sign up to become a member.

We love seeing classic Land Rovers out and about! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club. We can’t wait to see photos from future expeditions.

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The Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club