Green OPEL SUV parked in a skate park.

Miles Group to Open OPEL Dealership in Auckland’s North Shore

We’re excited to announce that Miles Group will be the official retailer of German vehicle manufacturer OPEL in Auckland’s North Shore.

OPEL’s entry into New Zealand is a welcome one. OPEL aims to be New Zealand’s most efficient automotive brand, and they’re starting off with a bang — every single vehicle is eligible for a Clean Car Discount under the government’s new programme. Even better, each model has a plug-in variant.

OPEL is bringing accessible price points, striking design, and German engineering to disrupt the kiwi market. We’re excited to welcome the brand into our Group and we’ll be open for business in our new North Shore dealership on Fred Thomas Drive mid 2022.

From small hatches to large SUVs, OPEL has something for everyone. We’re excited to welcome you into our new location and introduce you to this exciting new brand.

To learn more about OPEL, visit –

Orange OPEL hatch with a man and woman walking away from it.
Close up of a yellow OPEL Astra plug-in vehicle getting charged.
Audi RS in grey on Christchurch's Port Hills
A new Audi RS 3 in blue parked near a brick wall