Rodney Yee’s Lexus UX 300e

Continuing Lexus of Christchurch’s support of the Russley Golf Club and Rodney Yee. 

Lexus of Christchurch is proud to continue their long-term support of the Russley Golf Club and its manager, Rodney Yee, with the use of an all-electric Lexus UX 300e.

The ongoing partnership between Rodney, Russley Golf Club, and Lexus of Christchurch is reminiscent of the perfect swing – smooth and effortless. Lexus’ philosophy of “The Pursuit of Perfection” and dedication to excellence and innovation are a natural fit with Russley Golf Club’s commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience and results, making this ongoing relationship an obvious choice.

Rodney Yee's Lexus UX 300e

“I’m impressed with the power packed into this fully-electric vehicle, along with its smooth drive, and economical battery life!”

– Rodney Yee, Russley Golf Club’s Manager and Head Professional

Rodney Yee

Russley Golf Club’s Manager and Head Professional, Rodney believes that ‘golf is simple.’ After an extremely successful amateur career, he chose to pursue his professional career in helping others enjoy the game and has spent the last 13 years developing and fine-tuning his processes to help all golfers achieve their golfing pursuits.

Learn more about Rodney, or join him on his Instagram and Facebook.

Russley Golf Club

We’re a proud sponsor of Russley Golf Club, a renowned local golf course and learning centre. Our partnership allows us to host golf tournaments, sponsor the Juniors team, and sponsor the first tee at golf events. Even better, you’ll be able to spot our two signwritten golf carts driving around if you spend a day on the green! Russley’s commitment to excellence in their field resonates with us at Lexus of Christchurch, and we know that they offer the best in the business, day in and day out.

Russley Golf Club

The Lexus UX 300e

Electrify your drive with our all-electric compact luxury SUV. Equipped with a high-output motor and a large-capacity lithium-ion battery it’s designed to take you further.

Lexus UX 300e

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