Lexus RZ – First Dedicated Electric Vehicle In The Range

Lexus’ first dedicated fully-electric vehicle is coming. Discover more about the Lexus RZ before it arrives on our shores in 2023.

The UX 300e compact SUV was the appetiser, and we’re about to be served the main course meal. With the arrival of the first dedicated electric model the RZ, Lexus are accelerating the marque towards a full line-up of battery electric vehicles (or BEV’s) by 2030. The advancements are quick! We’re barely getting a chance to catch our breath between models.

The Lexus RZ global review comes just months after the release of Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid model, the NX 450h, which has been extremely well received by the group’s Lexus specialists at Lexus of Christchurch.

The Lexus RZ global reveal

Watch the unveiling of the all new Lexus RZ and discover how Lexus are discovering the future of driving. View the reveal video below.

Stand out technology advancements from Lexus

With the new RZ, Lexus set in motion a new direction with Lexus technology. From DIRECT4 driving data analytics offering a dynamic drive experience, to potentially industry-changing steering technology.

  • DIRECT4 analyses driving information to enhance driving performance.
  • Effortless agility and sharp turns with Lexus’ new Steer-by-Wire steering technology.
  • Lexus’ yoke steering wheel eliminates hand-over-hand driving and with the support of Steer-by-Wire expressing the future of vehicle operation.
  • The RZ’s dedicated BEV platform offers improved stability and ride comfort.
  • Matched sound frequencies and noise-suppressing materials maximise the experience and sound of electrification
Interior Lexus RZ Steer By Wire

Lexus RZ 450e Badge

Design advancements from Lexus

The new Lexus RZ’s exterior exhibits exciting advancements in design and styling. The new dedicated BEV platform allows for a athletic stance with a low centre of gravity. Reduced cooling requirements marks the future of the iconic spindle grille, which complement the six unique colour options, including metallic textures, sonic Copper, and  a very attractive bi-tone livery option.

  • Athletic build with a low centre of gravity
  • Futuristic changes to the iconic Lexus spindle grille
  • 14 colours for the perfect ambience to match your emotions.
  • Six unique colours, including bi-tone liveries, metallic textures, and Sonic Copper.
  • Carefully considered position and function – Tazuna Cockpit.
  • Expansive and minimalistic cabin includes suede door trims, panoramic roof, and sustainable materials.

Discover the Lexus RZ

Find out more about the new Lexus RZ here.

Interior Lexus RZ Sunroof
Charging a Lexus RZ 450e

Lexus all-electric drive technology

Find out more about Lexus’ all-eclectic drive technology, here.

Lexus RZ 450e Red Charging

Express your interest

With the RZ expected to land in New Zealand around the second quarter of next year, our Lexus representatives are now taking expressions of interest. With current supply chain issues challenging our industry and a growing demand in electrified vehicles, we recommend you express your interest in the RZ today to eliminate the wait so you can be of the first to experience the future of Lexus.

Speak to a Lexus Product Specialist today. Email

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