Two Raw Sisters sitting on top of a Lexus at The Welder.

Ambassador Spotlight: Two Raw Sisters

In 2019, Lexus of Christchurch was looking for a new ambassador. The criteria was simple: they needed someone to bring a fresh, new element to the brand and share Lexus’s ethos of sustainability, respect for locality, and an emphasis on quality. In stepped the Two Raw Sisters.

Rosa and Margo Flanagan are the two women behind the Two Raw Sisters, and yes, they are sisters. The two have created a name for themselves by encouraging healthy-eating habits through best-selling cookbooks and sold-out workshops. When asked to describe themselves, they quipped;

“Our mission is to inspire, motivate and educate people on the benefits of plant-based eating, and creating healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyles that can be maintained forever.

By ‘plant-based’ we don’t mean only eating plants. We simply mean eating delicious and nutritious unprocessed whole foods! We encourage you to base your meals around the vegetables and fruits you have available, then add your chosen protein. All eaters are welcome in our kitchen.”

Two Raw Sisters putting a SUP on top of their Lexus SUV.
Two Raw Sisters sitting in the Banks Peninsula having a picnic with their black Lexus in the background.

When we met them, they had just moved into their location at The Welder, Christchurch’s health-centric hub in the centre city. They also only had one cookbook, where now they have three and a successful app. Their charismatic charm exudes in everything they do, from their workshops to their social media posts.

While their charm initially drew us in, it was the relentless commitment to quality food with a major focus on sustainability that made us know that a partnership with these two would be perfect. Since then, we’ve partnered with them for events, vehicle launches, and more.

Margo and Rosa have enjoyed a few Lexus models over the years. Lexus of Christchurch typically tries to put them in Lexus’s highly-sought after hybrid models, as this aligns best with their ethos. From book tours cross country to holidays in Nelson, they’ve clocked many kilometres behind the wheel of a Lexus.

Two Raw Sisters driving a white Lexus on a beach.
Two Raw Sisters parked in front of Christchurch eatery Earl, wheeling orange suitcases to their Lexus.

We asked them a few questions about what it’s like to drive Lexus.

– What do you enjoy most about driving Lexus vehicles?
Lexus of Christchurch has the vision to achieve the highest standard of practicality, quality, and function while creating products that have a positive impact on our environment. Two Raw Sisters has the exact same values and visions. We both believe that being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean quality and function have to be compromised and that is what we love about driving Lexus vehicles.

– Favourite Lexus and why?
Our personalities come out perfectly in the type of cars we like. Rosa is a rip, shit, and bust farm girl who needs a strong, roomy car that she can take around the farm, but also handles well on the open road and looks classy around town. Her favourite Lexus is either the RX or LX. On the other hand, Margo likes a smaller car that she can easily take around town, is economical but practical, and big enough to travel with. Therefore, her favourite is either the hybrid UX or NX.

Interior of a Lexus.

Two Raw Sisters standing in front of their Lexus parked outside of the Welder.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know Rosa and Margo through the years and watching Two Raw Sisters flourish. We’ve sat in on many workshops, read their books, and delighted in their quirky Instagram videos, enjoying their raw, exuberant energies the whole way.

Creativity and quality drive Lexus vehicles, much like those values that drive the Two Raw Sisters’ recipes and business practices. Through hospitality, craftsmanship, locality, and sustainability, Lexus of Christchurch couldn’t have chosen a better partnership. Join us as we experience amazing together.

If you’re interested in learning more about our ambassadors and partners, you can learn more on our community page.

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