What is Kia IVT?

If you’ve been browsing the spec sheet for the all-new Seltos, you’ve likely come across the term ‘IVT’, and quickly jumped to google – or at least that’s exactly what I did. In this blog, we explain what Kia IVT is and the difference between other transmissions.

Kia Intelligent Variable Transmission

IVT stands for Intelligent Variable Transmission. Developed by Kia, IVT is designed to improve on the traditional CVT transmission (Continuous Variable Transmission). IVT features an adaptive style shift logic for smoother and more linear acceleration, resulting in better transmission efficiency and greater fuel economy. In addition to this, IVT transmission utilises a chain belt instead of the traditional push belt in the CVT. Not only does this improve reliability but also helps to reduce droning sounds that you may hear in CVT transmissions.

MY23 Kia Seltos Two Tone Pluton Blue

What Kia models use IVT?

The all-new 2023 Kia Seltos features IVT. Here’s what motoring journalist Matthew Hansen has to say about the previous-generation Seltos, which also featured IVT:

What elevates the engine is its partner in crime; Kia’s latest CVT. Traditionally these kinds of transmissions draw scathing ire from motoring scribblers, however the technology is definitely approaching a crossroads where a well sorted CVT is almost definitively preferable over a bad or antiquated torque-converted automatic. And few CVTs are smoother, sharper, and smarter than Kia’s latest Intelligent Variable Transmission unit. Each simulated step feels almost exactly like that of an automatic, it’s smooth in most instances but quick to kick down when you require sudden power and happy to hang on for higher revs. It’s an unlikely hero that makes the Seltos, even in this most basic form, a lovely drive. Read more >

Experience IVT

Our all-new Kia Seltos demonstrator model has arrived at Cockram Kia. Experience it for yourself by booking a test drive today, or make an enquiry with our team for more information.

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