Hornby community patrol Kia Sportage 2024

Community Support

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Hornby Community Patrol to help them find a new vehicle that suited them best, so they could continue their amazing work.

The Hornby Community Patrol works tirelessly to promote community safety through voluntary mobile patrols around the greater Hornby area. Founded in 1994, the Patrol continues to monitor and support security and be the “Eyes and Ears” of the community for the police and its citizens.

This is our first alliance with the Hornby Community Patrol group however, we’ve been working with Neighbourhood Support, who are like a big brother to the Hornby team, since 2022. We are so elated to be able to support and service the Christchurch neighbourhoods further, as at the bottom of everything, we at Miles Kia lead with our communities’ hearts first.

After the Hornby Community Patrol group caught up with our team at the Miles Kia showroom, they decided the Kia Sportage was the car for them, and we certainly know why.

The Kia Sportage, being next generation with its technology, having the ultimate safety systems and engineering breakthroughs that deliver a responsive and optimal drive, is the ultimate car for a team to lead the way on the streets.

Only last Sunday our Kia Sales Manager, Tyler Lamb, hand over the keys and joined for the unveiling.

The team from Kia, the breeze, and Hornby patrol with the new Kia sportage

Unveiling of the Kia Sportage for the Hornby Community Patrol group
The whole team unveiling the Kia sportage with Hornby Patrol Group

Give A Wave

If you happen to be driving around the Hornby area, keep your eyes peeled for the Patrol team and give them a wave in their new Kia Sportage.

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