The Kia Connect New Zealand App in New Zealand

The “Kia Connect App” has been long awaited, and finally, it’s reached New Zealand shores. The application offers a wide range of digital features to enhance your day-to-day mobility before, during, and after your trip. You can enjoy intelligent remote-control functions as well as creative in-car services that are designed to make driving even more comfortable for the body and the mind. The Kia Connect App turns every journey into an exclusive experience.

Like what you hear? Well, to get the ingenious Kia Connect App, the first step is to own your very own Kia. Currently in New Zealand, the only model with the Kia Connect App is the EV5. However, as Kia keeps innovating, we can expect the app to become more accessible.

This new app highlights the need for a Kia vehicle in your life, and there is no better reason or time than the present to go check out the amazing EV5. Our team at Miles Kia would be delighted to see you and help you out.

Kia connect App with Kia EV5
Kia Cars connect app
Kia connect app control temperature

The Set-Up

To get the Kia Connect working in your EV5, the first step is to set it up via the main infotainment system screen. This includes selecting the ‘Kia Connect’ button and following the on-screen steps.

The next step is linking your mobile phone. Head on over to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for “Kia Connect New Zealand”, and once you’ve found it, simply download it and create an account, following the instructions until your account is registered and verified.

The final step is “full activation”. Through the main infotainment system in the vehicle, you can complete the Kia Connect App by syncing your vehicle and mobile together.

When you purchase an EV5, your Kia sales executive will certainly help with sorting out the nitty-gritty of this if you don’t have the time! However, rest assured, it is a very straightforward process.

Once all is complete, on your home screen of the app, you can see key information about your vehicle, like its current status, vehicle control buttons, available local charging stations, user calendar information, user profile settings, and much more.

Apple watch and Android smartwatches are also able to be connected with Kia Connect, however, Android smartwatches must have Google play installed.

Kia connect app Status
Kia connect app maps locating vehicle when you're not in it.
Kia connect app menu options

The Kia Connect App can:

Tell you your EV charging location and status:

You can view the nearby locations of charging stations for EV’s as well as “things” like plug availability and compatible connector types.

Remote climate control:

Through the Kia Connect App, you can remotely activate, set, and schedule climate control before you get in the car. Say goodbye to those cold and frosty mornings waiting for your heated seat to wake up.

Destination send to vehicle:

This feature allows the Kia Connect user to send an address directly from the app to the vehicle navigation system, making it convenient for notifying you when it’s time to depart.

Remote Lock:

With the Kia Connect App, you will never leave your car unlocked again! Or leave yourself locked out of your car (it happens to all of us!).

Real-time vehicle tracking:

You will always know where your car is parked with Kia Connect, even if you didn’t park it yourself. The cherry on  top here, is that the Kia Connect App can even guide you to it using augmented reality guidance.

SOS Call:

In case of an accident where the airbag has been deployed, the Kia Connect App will automatically contact the Kia Connect 24/7 call centre for safety. The dedicated SOS button allows you to call the centre yourself if necessary.

Vehicle Health status:

Vehicle status offers a comprehensive report on your car, including if the car doors, boot, bonnet are open or closed, fuel or battery charge, and other vital diagnostic information before you start your journey.

Valet Parking Mode:

Activate this mode before handing it over to someone and it will let you monitor your vehicle’s locations, driving time, distance, and top speed all from using the App. With Geo-fence alerts, it will even alert you when the vehicle strays outside of pre-set limits of geographical areas.

Kia Excellence Awaits

The sky is the limit after that! If any help is ever needed, don’t hesitate to call-up a member of staff or get in contact with the Miles Kia team, they don’t call themselves Kia experts for nothing. You can also take a look at the new Kia range, as well as check out the video of the epic Kia EV5 below, which is now available for pre-order.

Please Note:

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