Neighbourhood Support Christchurch at Cockram Kia with their Sportages

Cockram Kia Driving Neighbourhood Support Christchurch

Last Friday was an exciting day for everyone at Cockram Kia, as we handed over the keys to all-new Kia Sportages to the team at Neighbourhood Support Christchurch Area (NSCA). Easily recognisable with a touch of nostalgia, the familiar logo of Neighbourhood Support is now adorning two Kia Sportages. Neighbourhood Support Christchurch Area is a community-led movement that brings people and neighbourhoods together to create safe, resilient, and connected communities. We’re proud to drive NSCA by not only providing two vehicles but also endeavouring to utilise the strength of our brand and network to further support their efforts.

Moving speeches from Jodie Tait (Cockram Kia General Manager), Murray McGusty (NSCA General Manager), Elissa Smith (NSCA Schools Programme Co-ordinator), and members of New Zealand Police highlighted just how important the job that the NCSA does and how the use of Kia Sportages will assist in creating safe, resilient, and connected communities.

“Neighbourhood Support have been a massive part of the community since I remember, as a kid nearly every house had their stickers on the letter box and front door while growing up in Christchurch. Cockram Kia are proud to drive Neighbourhood Support by not only providing a means of transport that adds to the presence of the organisation and celebrates their commitment to our region, but we endeavour to utilise the strength of our growing brand and network to assist in creating safe, resilient, and connected communities throughout the Christchurch area.”

“It is fantastic that a business like Cockram Kia has shown their confidence in us, an organisation that has been progressively linking neighbours with neighbours, building stronger communities, over decades.”

“These vehicles have come at just the right time for us, as we have events booked throughout summer. We also go out to the community to help start groups at a steady rate, averaging almost one per week.”

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Handing over the keys

Emotions were high as we handed over the keys of the all-new Sportages to Murray and Elissa. Having had to previously scrap their old vehicles, the use of a new Kia Sportages is a significant upgrade and will be a huge asset to their work. Murray and Elissa travel all over Canterbury for their work, so it’s imperative they have a vehicle that meets their needs – and the all-new Sportage is a perfect fit. Having the familiar and iconic blue and yellow logo adorning it gives NSCA a greater presence in the community, whilst also celebrating our commitment to the region.

Exploring the Sportage

Sales Manager Tyler Lamb took Murray and Elissa through all the features of the Sportage, such as the 12.3″ touchscreen infotainment system, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus the wireless smartphone charging. The large boot space, 5-seater capability, and advanced technology are sure to be put to good use by the team.

Neighbourhood Support Canterbury's Kia Sportage
Elissa Smith and Tyler Lamb viewing the Kia Sportage

Learn more about Neighbourhood Support Christchurch Area

Neighbourhood Support is about people taking a combined responsibility to keep their neighbours and neighbourhoods as safe as possible. The more connected the community, and the more that is reported, the more resources are put towards these issues.

Get involved

For more information on how you can support NSCA or for resources on how to start your own community group, visit their website. You can also join them on their Instagram page.

Neighbourhood Support Christchurch and Cockram Kia

We look forward to further fostering a relationship with Neighbourhood Support Christchurch and supporting the valuable work they do in the community.