The All-new Kia EV9: FAQs

Imposing, capable, and comfortable, the 7-seater, fully electric Kia EV9 sets a new benchmark for full-sized SUV’s.

As one of the latest additions to the EV market, the EV9 arrives with a suite of cutting-edge technology, and presents a captivating fusion of forward-thinking design elements both inside and out. To shed light on this exceptional vehicle, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get to know the fully electric Kia EV9.

1. What’s the price range of the Kia EV9?

The Kia EV9 Light is priced at $105,990 + ORC

The Kia EV9 Earth is priced at $115,990 + ORC

The Kia EV9 GT-Line is priced at $ 134,990 + ORC

2. When can I get the Kia EV9?

The good news is that the EV9 GT-Line is already available for purchase. If you’re eyeing the Light or Earth models, you can expect them to arrive early 2024, but you can pre-order them now.

3.What is V2L and does the Kia EV9 have it?

Vehicle-to-load (V2L) capabilities allow the Kia EV9 to supply power to external devices, making it a handy power source during outdoor activities or emergencies. With V2L, you can use the Kia EV9 to charge your electric devices, making it a versatile and reliable partner in various situations.

4.Does the Kia EV9 qualify for a rebate?

The Kia EV9 does not qualify for a rebate.

5.When can I test drive the Kia EV9?

You can test drive the Kia EV9 now! Visit Cockram Kia at 321 Moorhouse Ave or book a test drive to secure your slot.

6.How powerful is the Kia EV9?

The Kia EV9 comes with a 76.1kWh battery for the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) ‘Standard range’ model. While a larger 99.8kWh battery is fitted to both all-wheel drive (AWD) ‘Long Range’ versions.

The all-wheel drive versions of the EV9 have twin 41kWh electric motors, generating a combined 600Nm of torque and can accelerate from 0-100kmh in just 6.0 seconds.

7.How many people can fit in the Kia EV9?

Depending on its configuration, the EV9 can comfortably seat either six or seven passengers. You can maximise the number of people you can fit in the EV9 with the second-row bench seating, which will allow you to hit the seven-passenger limit.

8.How much can the Kia EV9 tow?

Towing capabilities vary by model:

Light: 900kg (braked) / 450kg (unbraked)

Earth: 2,500kg (braked) / 750kg (unbraked)

GT-Line: 2,500kg (braked) / 750kg (unbraked)

9.How long does it take to charge the Kia EV9?

AC Normal Charging with an 11kW charger takes around seven hours for the Light model, and around nine hours for the GT-Line models.

For DC Fast Charging, a 50kW charger will get the Light model to 80% in approximately 63 minutes and the Earth and GT-Line models in approximately 83 minutes. With a high-speed 350kW charger, the Light model takes around 20 minutes, while the Earth and GT-Line models takes approximately 24 minutes.

10. What is the Kia EV9’s boot capacity?

Even with the seats up, there’s still plenty of space for all your gear. When the 2nd and 3rd row seats are lowered, you get an enormous 2,318 litres of space available.

The Kia EV9 is shaping up to be an impressive addition to the electric market. With a range of features, V2L capabilities, and multiple configurations to suit your needs, the Kia EV9 makes the perfect choice for those who are in the market for a family-friendly electric SUV. Book the EV9 for a test drive at our local Christchurch dealership to experience the EV9 for yourself.

If you’d like to know more and see this spectacular vehicle up-close, visit Cockram Kia at 321 Moorhouse Ave or if you have any questions, contact our friendly team today.

Watch the 2023 Kia EV9 walkthrough video with Cockram Kia below.

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