New Kia Sportage in Shadow Matt Grey with Bonnet Protector

A New Take on a New Kia

As the Miles Group’s marketing manager, I’m in the enviable position of being able to drive some very nice cars. As you’d expect, I also tend to hear of new developments in the automotive industry before the general public. But even then, once the news is out, I find it far too easy to assume that the world is now ‘as aware’ of significant changes in car brands as I am.

Of course, that’s not always the case. Not everyone’s world revolves around vehicles like mine does! And that brings me to a conversation I had with my wife recently.

My family car is a 2014 Kia Sportage. Subtle-yet-tasteful styling, impressively reliable, and – best of all – with hard-backed front seats so that my young children can muddy-up the seats as much as they like and it all cleans off nicely!

One day we were driving around Christchurch – in our Sportage – and a new Kia Sportage drove past in a matte-finish grey finish. My wife, who rarely mentions cars at all, loved it and said (and I appreciate this makes it sound like we’re in a car commercial, but here it is) “Wow. What kind of car is that?” “It’s the new Sportage… the new version of the car we’re in right now.” She looked at the badge, the first time she’d seen it, and responded: “But it’s not a Kia.”

And that’s the moment that I realised how much the Kia brand has changed recently and also that not everyone – even existing Kia owners – may be aware of the new badging and Kia’s re-freshed style. My wife, a Sportage owner, didn’t realise that the new badge on the back of the car was Kia’s new logo.

This brings me to the post I’m writing right now. This one’s for the Kia Sportage owners out there who are still enjoying their Kia Sportage and may have heard about a new brand and a new model but not yet seen it in the real world.

The new Kia logo on a Kia Sportage

Meet our Geared-up Kia Sportage

All the above aside, this morning our Branch Manager at Cockram Kia, Jodie Tait, gave me a call to let me know about two Kia Sportage models that he and his team have equipped with an accessory pack to add even more road presence and practicality to what is honestly an already incredible SUV.

This made for a great excuse to drop by and take some photos.

The Kia Sportage LX with Accessories

The Kia Sportage LX Diesel with Accessory Packs

Sales Manager, Nathan Barr, has equipped two Sportage LX Diesel models with some upgrades that, while subtle, together make these two cars really stand out.

One vehicle is in Clear White while the other is in the Shadow Matte Grey that turned my wife’s head recently. Both are equipped with 20 inch ‘Blackhawk’ black alloy wheels by BGW, handpicked and manufactured for the New Zealand market. The windows have been professionally tinted for privacy as well as for an executive look that really enhances the car’s visual appeal.

As a finishing touch, adding some protection and also enhancing that already aggressive front-end, we’ve equipped a gloss black, genuine Kia, bonnet protector.

The Kia Sportage LX diesel itself features:

  • 2L Diesel Engine
  • 137kW Power, 416Nm Torque
  • 8-speed Automatic
  • All-wheel Drive
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • … and heaps more

These two models are in-stock as I write this – Wednesday 23 March 2022 – and available for immediate delivery at just $51,990 plus on-road costs. Of course, the team are able to add this accessory pack to other Kia Sportage models and colours, just ask them for details.

Vehicle and accessories subject to availability and pricing subject to change. Please do ask our team at Cockram Kia for the latest information. Call them on 03 366 6622 or complete this enquiry form.

Kia Sportage LX with Accessories

20 Inch Gloss Black BGW Blackhawk Alloy Wheels

20 Inch Gloss Black BGW Blackhawk Alloy Wheels

The Kia Sportage Bonnet Protector

Genuine Kia Sportage Bonnet Protector

Privacy Glass on the Kia Sportage

Tinted Windows on the Clear White Kia Sportage LX

Kia Sportage in Shadow Matt Grey

The matte grey finish has head-turning appeal

Premium Interior of the Kia Sportage

Speak to Cockram Kia for the latest information on this vehicle or to place an order.

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