CUPRA Formentor vehicle driving alongside an ocean road with a man running beside it.

Reviews of the CUPRA Formentor

The all-new CUPRA Formentor is a sight to behold. With aerodynamic craft, prime stopping power, and user-centred technology, this first exclusive CUPRA design delivers a performance SUV with a coupe silhoutte. It’s the kind of vehicle you have to see to believe.

Or read about to whet your whistle.

We think the Formentor is pretty grand, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve gathered up some reviews of this SUV and popped them all in one place, so you can feel confident when you choose this CUPRA as your own.

National Praise

“For years, CUPRA remained hidden under the guise of SEAT and the name was awarded to the sporty, more performance-orientated cars of the Spanish marque. In recent times though, CUPRA flew the nest and now sits proudly under its own, extremely exciting sub-brand.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the CUPRA Formentor is a real looker. The copper accents found on all CUPRA models are completely unique, and delivers that real WOW factor making it really stand out on the road.”

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“CUPRA’s first in-house design, the Formentor, is rather striking and comes in two flavours. This 228kW VZ example should put CUPRA on the map here. This is a highly distinctive shape. Stunning it is too, with its intersecting character lines over the rear wheel arches and it’s available with matte paint in blue or grey…

(The) Formentor is just compact enough to make it fine for city work (4450m in length, 10.7m turning circle) but big enough to tote four adults and their gear (420L, expanding out to 1475L with levers in the rear).”

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“The VZ we have on test here has, as mentioned, the more powerful version of the 2.0-litre turbo four, paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Official spec-sheets say it will hit 100kmh from zero in 4.9 seconds, which is pretty damn quick for an SUV.”

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“The new Formentor is the first standalone CUPRA model, joining the Ateca and Leon (both of which still have SEAT sibling models). You can see why it’s such a great flag-bearer for the brand: it looks sensational and being a medium SUV it’s very on-point for current tastes.”

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Close up shot of a CUPRA Formentor wheel with orange accents.
Close up of a woman in the drivers' seat of a CUPRA Formentor SUV.

International Praise

“Grip is something you’ll find no shortage of, even in the 1.5 TSI 150, while racier versions carry even more cornering speed thanks to bigger tyres. All the regular petrols have excellent body control that lets you drive them hard with confidence – more so than, for example, the Citroen C4.

The CUPRA Formentor’s interior is strikingly similar to the one in the Lamborghini Urus. It’s generally solidly made and plush, with squidgy, dense-feeling plastic on the top of the dashboard.”

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“Crossovers have become the same-iest cars ever. Why not go for one that’s a bit more left field? Cupra’s first standalone model is a handsome crossover with decent road manners and plenty of space.

About town, the Formentor is easygoing, as we’re used to for a modern hot hatch. Obviously it feels a bit bigger, but never cumbersome – the steering is quick and light at low speeds, and even on hulking 20″ rims the ride isn’t crashy in CUPRA mode. It’s better still if you slide it into Comfort, though. And better yet on the squishy 18″ wheels of the V1 model, but you didn’t come here for a limo-like ride.”

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