Black and white lyttelton tug boat

Life Passions Outside of the Job

At the Miles Group, we continue to believe that we aren’t just a company full of suits and desks. Coming from humble beginnings, our founder, Bruce Miles, and his wife Kay built the company up to become one of New Zealand’s largest independent motor vehicle sales, service, parts, and accessories retail organisation.

One of the key aspects that contribute to the Miles Group’s success has been the ability to attract and retain high-calibre staff – some of whom have been with the company since the very beginning.

One of our current technicians who works at the Pre-delivery Centre, Mike Bruce, has recently been sharing with his passion for the Steam Tug Lyttelton.

Mike joined the SS Tug Lyttelton in 1982 and as a motor enthusiast already, immediately formed a strong love of steamships. He found a great sense of comradery among individuals who were equally enthusiastic and committed to the conservation and preservation of the vessel.

You may have seen some of the current billboards around Christchurch right now, helping to attract attention to the campaign for saving this 116-year-old tug for the next 50 years.

How Can You Help?

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the tugboat in Christchurch and New Zealand, head to their site. Or, if you’d like to contribute to help fund the future of the boat, the ‘Tug Lyttelton Preservation Society’ has set up a Give a Little page where you can donate.

Tug Lyttelton bilboard
Tug Lyttelton boat

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