Miles Group Marques Triumph at the 2024 WhatCar? Awards

It is with great pride that we share that an array of vehicles from brands we represent have claimed titles in the 2024 WhatCar? Awards, including the honour of being named 2024 Car of the Year.

The prestigious WhatCar? Awards have been crowning the best-in-class vehicles since 1973, and the annual accolades are highly regarded as an indispensable guide to the best cars you can purchase on the market.

Keep reading as we explore all the winners, or browse by brand below.

Please note that international imagery, concept imagery, and international specifications are referenced in this blog, speak to our product specialists for details on New Zealand models.


WhatCar? Family Car of the Year 2024: Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

“Its popularity with car buyers is unquestionable; through 12 generations, it’s been the world’s best-selling car for most of the past five decades. Moreover, in the face of spiralling costs in most parts of the new car market, the hybrid Corolla’s blend of still-sensible prices and outstanding fuel efficiency has tipped the balance in its favour to beat last year’s family car category winner, the Honda Civic, which is now too pricey for us to wholeheartedly recommend.” – What Car?

WhatCar? Estate Car of the Year 2024: Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid Icon

Toyota Corolla Estate

“The Corolla Touring Sports really impresses for ride comfort, too, striking a fine balance between suppleness and control. It’s firmer than the Octavia Estate, ensuring that it remains composed along undulating roads, but it’s also softer than the Focus Estate, so it takes the sting out of potholes with ease. Even over the heavily scarred roads you’re likely to encounter in town centres, the Touring Sports copes well.” – What Car?


WhatCar? Best small SUV for Comfort 2024: Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen T-Roc

Last year, the Volkswagen T-Roc was our overall small SUV winner, and it’s still a fantastic choice in many respects. However, it’s particularly worth a look if comfort is a high priority. Stick with entry-level Life trim and you get supple suspension and big-walled tyres to help soak up bumps in the road, something the T-Roc does better than the Ford Puma and Lexus LBX – or any other rival, for that matter.” – WhatCar?


WhatCar? Best Hot Hatch for Everyday Usability 2024: Audi RS3 Sportback Carbon Black

“It’s much quieter than the A45 on the motorway and generally less demanding in everyday use, with lighter steering and less body-hugging (but still supportive) front seats. Throw in a melodious engine noise and the RS3 is the hot hatch to pick if you don’t want to be ‘on it’ all the time.” – WhatCar?


WhatCar? Best Small Electric Car to Drive 2024: CUPRA Born


“Just as there are some absolutely delicious low-fat recipes out there, the Cupra Born rails against the idea that small electric cars have to be boring. Compared with the closely related Volkswagen ID 3, the Born sits slightly lower and its steering is set up differently, the result being a more engaging driving experience.”- WhatCar?


WhatCar? Best Small Electric SUV for Interior Quality 2024: Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30

“Do you believe in love at first sight? We reckon you will after you’ve climbed behind the wheel of a Volvo EX30 in range-topping Ultra trim, because the interior of this is properly special. Build quality feels rock solid throughout, and all of the materials used higher up look and feel expensive. Lower down, Volvo hasn’t tried to hide the fact that the plastics are recycled, which lends them an interesting texture and emphasises the car’s eco credentials.” – WhatCar?


WhatCar? Family SUV of the Year 2024: Kia Sportage

“Wherever you’re sitting, the Sportage feels airy and gives six-footers plenty of head and leg room. Even with three adults in the rear, there’s enough shoulder room to get comfortable. The Sportage’s great practicality is rounded off by rear seatbacks that fold flat in a flexible 40/20/40 split, plus a 591-litre boot in our chosen version – larger than what you get in most rivals.” – WhatCar?

WhatCar? Electric SUV of the Year 2024: Kia EV6 RWD GT-Line

“Yet, compared with those models (and many more family electric SUVs besides), the EV6 currently offers the best combination of a great battery range, fast charging, a fine ride/handling balance and generous equipment levels for a competitive price.” – WhatCar?

WhatCar? Best Electric 7-seater of the Year 2024: Kia EV9 AWD GT-Line

“Most seven-seat electric SUVs are either ludicrously expensive, or not as practical as you might expect if you’ve taken an economies-of-scale approach to family planning. The Kia EV9 solves that problem by offering comfortable seating for seven adults in a package that, while far from cheap (around £73,000 in our chosen form), is still well-priced next to the similarly spacious Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV.” – WhatCar?

Land Rover

WhatCar? 7-Seater of the Year 2024: Land Rover Defender 110

“Like a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman multi-tool, the Land Rover Defender has gained a reputation for versatility that has stood it in good stead with buyers – whether they’re celebrities, royalty or fictional secret agents. You can have the current iteration in five, six, seven or eight-seat forms, with three or five doors and with petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid power; there’s likely to be a version to suit everyone.” – WhatCar?


WhatCar? Reliability Award 2024: Lexus

Lexus NX

“It’s about more than covering the cost of repairs, though. To be the best for reliability, a car brand has to provide owners with top- notch, timely remedial work. And that’s just what Lexus has done over the past two years.” – WhatCar?

WhatCar? Small SUV of the Year 2024: Lexus LBX Premium Plus

Lexus LBX

“But the biggest difference is undoubtedly the interior. The small SUV features lots of plush, upmarket materials and class-leading build quality to ensure it feels like a proper Lexus.The driving position is excellent, too; you sit in a supportive seat that’s mounted noticeably higher up than in a conventional hatchback, and forward visibility is superb. Plus, you get the same intuitive, 9.8in touchscreen infotainment system that features in the firm’s pricier models, including the Lexus NX.” – What Car?

Arriving soon.


WhatCar? Best Hot Hatch of the Year 2024: Mercedes-AMG A45

Mercedes AMG

“The numbers speak for themselves: 0-62mph in 3.9sec was the stuff of exotic supercars until relatively recently, and 416bhp – squeezed out of a mere 2.0-litre engine – is a formidable figure. The engine is extremely responsive when you press the accelerator pedal, too; the rev counter needle whips around the dial and the A45 does the full warp factor 9 thing.” – WhatCar?

WhatCar? Best Plug-in Hybrid for All Electric Range 2024: Mercedes-GLC 300e AMG Line

“The longer the all-electric range, though, the less reliant they are on petrol, and the Mercedes GLC 300e’s ability to travel for up to 80 miles (officially) between top-ups makes it the least reliant of all. That means trips to the fuel pumps could be very rare indeed. Plus, using less petrol means lower official CO2 emissions, which, in turn, means a lower benefit-in-kind tax rating than most other PHEVs (just 5%).” – WhatCar?


WhatCar? Best Family Car for Value 2024: SEAT Leon


“In entry-level SE trim, the Leon is cheaper to buy than an equivalent Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf, yet it’s surprisingly well equipped. It also has loads of space inside, plus a big boot, and it’s more fun to drive than most rivals, being agile and grippy even without the firm suspension you get with sporty FR trim.” – WhatCar?


WhatCar? Sports Car of the Year 2024: Porsche 718 Cayman GTS

Porsche Cayman

“The calibre of the engine and gearbox alone might be enough for some, but the Cayman is at least as special when it comes to handling. With precise, well-weighted steering, sublime balance and seemingly endless grip, it gives you complete confidence to push hard along twisty roads, and it’ll run rings around any M2 or Jaguar F-Type you might meet along the way. An Alpine A110 would give it a run for its money, but virtually nothing else handles as sweetly or is as rewarding as the Cayman.” – WhatCar?

WhatCar? Best Sports SUV for Thrills 2024: Porsche Cayenne S

Porsche Cayenne

“As you might imagine from a sports SUV with 468bhp (15bhp more than the old GTS) and 443lb ft of torque, the S is effortlessly quick; 0-60mph takes just 4.7sec. But what makes the S our favourite is that it’s more fun in bends than the heavier, pricier hybrid models. And if you add air suspension and active anti-roll bars (£4306), you can throw it around like a sports car, revelling in the precision and dexterity of its handling. In short, it’s a riot.” – WhatCar?

WhatCar? Best Electric Performance car 2024: Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 4S

Porsche Taycan Cross

“With an official range of 304 miles, the Cross Turismo 4S is as much a cross-country runner as it is a sprinter, and when its huge battery (with a usable capacity of 83.7kWh) runs out of puff, an astonishing 270kW maximum charging rate means its full stamina can be quickly restored. A 10-80% boost takes just 17 minutes or so, and that rounds off a convincing gold-medal performance.” – WhatCar?

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View all winners of the 2024 WhatCar? Awards

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