Audi e-tron in front of Christchurch architecture

Audi e-tron meets Modern Residence

Miles Group’s Audi representatives in Christchurch, Archibalds Audi, recently collaborated with ArchiPro New Zealand to celebrate a shared passion for design, innovation, and sustainability. Internal photographer, Jack Morgan, captured moments shared between the subjects to highlight the brand’s national relationship with ArchiPro.

The sustainable 100% electric Audi e-tron SUV starred in the photoshoot. The silver e-tron’s sharp lines and contours looked at home against Johnston Architects’ Modern Residence.

“When a shared passion for design, innovation, and sustainability is demonstrated it is hard not to be involved. We recently jumped at opportunity to show our support for Audi New Zealand’s continued relationship with industry-leading online architecture, design and construction platform – ArchiPro. As Audi representatives in the Canterbury region, witnessing Christchurch’s ongoing exhibition of fresh architectural brilliance has been engrained into our everyday lives since the 2010 earthquakes.” – Archibalds Audi.

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Audi e-tron in front of Christchurch architecture

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