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Why Choose Genuine Parts?

For most people, their vehicle is the second biggest purchase after a house. As such, you’ll naturally want to protect your investment. Whether it’s a ute, hatchback, or motorbike, one of the best ways to do this is by opting for genuine, manufacturer-approved parts and accessories. We’ve outlined a few benefits below, highlighting why you should choose genuine parts.

Technicians with vehicles on a lift working with genuine parts

Genuine parts maintain the integrity of your vehicle

Automotive manufacturers know their vehicles better than anyone else, and as such the genuine parts they manufacture are engineered to meet the exact specifications and standards set for their specific vehicles. This not only ensures their parts are of the highest quality and perform optimally in your vehicle but are also guaranteed to work seamlessly with other components, reducing the risk of compatibility issues.

Genuine parts are also built to last, using the same high-quality materials that your vehicle was originally manufactured with. They undergo rigorous testing (as does your vehicle) and are generally more reliable and durable than aftermarket alternatives. This also provides added peace of mind, knowing these genuine parts have been tried and tested by the manufacturer, whereas aftermarket parts may not get the same treatment.

In using genuine parts, you’re maintaining the integrity of your vehicle, ensuring it’s as close as possible to the one that drove off the factory floor.

Warranty protection

Opting for genuine parts often preserves your vehicle’s warranty, as many manufacturers require the use of genuine parts to maintain warranty coverage. Using aftermarket parts can potentially void your warranty, whether that’s a new vehicle or used vehicle warranty.

Additionally, most genuine parts also come with a warranty of their own from the manufacturer, for added peace of mind.

Reduced maintenance costs

Whilst it’s true that genuine parts often have a higher upfront cost compared to their aftermarket alternatives, they can save you money in the long run. As they’re designed by manufacturers specifically for your vehicle, they’re more reliable and durable than aftermarket parts and can reduce the frequency of potential repairs and maintenance.

Optimal performance

Genuine parts have been designed specifically with your vehicle in mind, so they’re going to work exactly as intended.

Genuine accessories and optimal performance

Environmental considerations

As genuine parts are designed to work harmoniously with your vehicle, they often have lesser environmental impact when compared to aftermarket parts. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the engine, braking, or even the impact optional accessories can have.

Genuine accessories such as roof racks or roof boxes are also designed specifically with aerodynamics in mind, particularly important for minimising drag and helping to maximise electric vehicle range.

Resale value

If you decide to sell your vehicle, having a full service record with genuine parts can increase resale value. Plus, a documented history of genuine parts is often preferred by potential buyers.

Ease of use with genuine accessories

Genuine accessories offer many of the same benefits as genuine parts. Whether it’s floor mats, roof racks, tow bars, or roof boxes, genuine accessories are designed specifically to fit your vehicle, seamlessly integrating with its design and functionality. Often, genuine accessories are more aerodynamic, helping to reduce drag.

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