Wallet pockets to curry hooks: six hidden things you didn’t know existed in your car

Nissan's curry hook

Nissan’s curry hook

For over 20 years, Nissan engineers have been creating hi-tech solutions and technology, but they haven’t forgotten that a simple approach can be just as effective. Meet the beloved ‘curry hook.’ First appearing in the Nissan Almera back in 1996, it was designed as a way of keeping bags or shopping upright. It was fast-dubbed the ‘curry hook by people who recognised it was the perfect way to prevent takeaways from spilling. Thus, the curry hook was born!

Škoda's Simply Clever features hidden umbrella.

Škoda’s hidden umbrella

Škoda is renowned for their Simply Clever features (a few of which you’ll notice in this list) But did you know that their vehicles come with a hidden umbrella, perfect for when you’re caught out in those unexpected rain showers? You’ll locate it in either the front doors or under the front passenger seat. They are water-resistant, and damp umbrellas can be stored so you don’t have to worry about leaking any moisture into the vehicle.

Volkswagen Beetle's hidden detail, a flower vase in a vintage model.

The Volkswagen Beetle’s Flower Vase

No vehicle has been known to represent the flower power generation more than the Volkswagen Beetle, and this can partially be traced back to the porcelain “blumenvasen” that first appeared on US models back in the 1950s. When the Beetle was redesigned in 2011 the vase was dropped, however, they are still a popular add-on accessory for die-hard owners, proving that beauty never does go out of style. Whilst the Beetle is no longer in production, you’ll still find them on the roads sporting a flower vase.

Hidden Cub on the Jaguar E-PACE

Jaguar E-PACE Hidden Cub

Sometimes, marques include somewhat hidden details on vehicles, often referred to as easter eggs. These create a fun and unexpected surprise for vehicle enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike, whilst also adding an extra layer of personality, charm, and emotion to a vehicle. The Jaguar E-PACE is no exception.

Take a closer look at an E-PACE and you’ll notice a Jaguar and Cub motif integrated into the windscreen, a subtle (and adorable) nod to the Jaguar F-PACE, the larger SUV in the lineup.

Škoda simply clever ticket holder

Škoda’s ticket holder

Ever found yourself struggling to place your parking ticket in an area that’s easily visible? Enter Škoda’s convenient ticket holder, which you’ll find located on the A-pillar. This prevents your ticket from blowing away when you open the door and makes it easily visible.

Volkswagen and Škoda hidden vehicle wallet.

Volkswagen and Škoda’s wallet pocket

Not something you’d likely find in your vehicle’s manual, did you know that your Škoda or Volkswagen may have a hidden pocket for your wallet? Simply reach down the back of your door pocket and you’ll find it.

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