Red car driving through golden tussockland in Lindis Pass, New Zealand.

Get Your Vehicle Summer Road Trip Ready

Staying put this summer season means you can finally take that epic New Zealand roadie you’ve always planned. With less crowds, you’ll be able to sail through the hot spots and see the sights that have topped your bucket list for years. The last thing you’ll want to worry about on your roadie is your car, so read on to find out what to check to help make your time away stress-free.


You’ll go nowhere fast on bald or flat tyres. Before you go, make sure they’re pumped up correctly and check the tyre pressure of all four tyres, plus the spare, to make sure its legal and safe.


Do a test in your driveway to make sure your headlights, taillights, turn signals, and brakelights are all working properly. At the same time, ensure your headlights are angled correctly and the lenses are clean. This will ensure safe turns around those windy mountain roads and make sure all other vehicles on the road know exactly where you plan to turn.

Cooling System 

Speaking of those windy roads, the possibilities of the engine overheating are high on those, especially if your cooling system is faulty. If you’ve noticed any issues, book in a service with a professional who can sort out any issues.  


Make sure you can see where you’re going clearly out of your windscreen, windows, and mirrors. Now’s a great time to clean your wiper blades, or replace if they’re really bad, and top up on windscreen washer fluid.

Emergency Kit 

If you don’t have a vehicle emergency kit, buy one or make your ownInclude jumper cables, a first-aid kit, basic tools, flashlight, and an AA card, should you be a member.  


Book a service before your trip if you’re nearly due, or if there are potential issues with your vehicle. This will allow a professional to check engine oil levels, run through your vehicle, and make sure everything is working as it should to give you peace of mind during your travels. Most service centres (including ours!) book out close to the holidays, so be sure to get in early.  

Accidents and car breakdowns can happen no matter how prepared you are, but taking the time to get your vehicle road trip ready will pay dividends on your sanity during your summer roadie. Enjoy! 

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