On-Road Costs, Explained.

26 June 2020

Perhaps you’re in the market for a new Kia, but keep getting stuck on what the +ORC means at the end of a price. ORCs, or on-road costs, are the extra charges necessary for getting your new vehicle registered, safe, and road-ready. Prices for ORCs vary with each dealership, so we’ll walk you through what your fees cover at Cockram Kia and explain what ORC actually means.

What do on-road costs include?

The on-road costs are in addition to the MRP on each vehicle. Each dealership has different prices for their on-road costs, but rest assured that they are unavoidable and typically non-negotiable. Cockram Kia goes above and beyond with their offering, making sure your new vehicle is road-ready, legal, and eye-catching.

Our on-road costs include:

  • New vehicle registration
    • Costs vary based on fuel type and engine size
  • Road user charges for diesel vehicles
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 3 years WOF
  • Genuine floor mats
  • Professional groom
  • Pre-delivery inspection
White Kia SUV parked on green hill at sunset.

On-road costs at Cockram Kia

All non-sale new vehicle pricing is ‘MRP’ (Maximum Retail Price) and excludes on-road costs unless stated as ‘driveaway’.

  • New petrol vehicles are $1,195, inclusive of GST
  • New diesel vehicles are $1,495, inclusive of GST
    • This includes 3,000km of road user charges

What about used and demo vehicles?

Used and demo vehicles have ‘driveaway’ prices, meaning there are no extra costs to get the vehicles road-ready.

Ready to find the right vehicle for you? Get in touch with our team to discover what vehicle is perfect for you. You can also check out our Kia Buying Benefits page to learn more about all the extras you receive – for free – when you buy a new Kia.

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