Black number plates on a Toyota RAV4 GXL Hybrid

Image / Kiwi Plates

Black Number Plates

Black is back – explore the latest automotive accessory. 

Embrace originality with the newest automotive accessory – road-legal black number plates. Gone are the days of being secretly jealous of your grandad’s 60s Corolla plates! Custom license plate manufacturer Kiwi Plates has recently brought this vintage classic back into the modern era, and they’re already proving to be a hit among vehicle enthusiasts. These exclusive plates feature a black background, with your choice of either silver or white text. A small “NZ” adorns the bottom right corner, ensuring authenticity and also making them that little bit more special.

Black number plates are available now in standard, European, and slim sizes, and can be purchased through our business managers at any Miles Group dealership. Make an enquiry for more information.

Black number plates with white text

Black number plates with white text

Black number plates with silver text

Black number plates with silver text

“New Zealanders are naturally optimistic and creative people. We see this every day in the humour and sentiment expressed when people are choosing their plates. Be it for themselves, or for someone else, it’s a fun process that is all about self-expression. Now drivers will be able to make a statement that also comes with a premium aesthetic. The visual impact of the Black Plates on vehicles is striking and takes automotive personalisation to a whole new level.”

How much do black plates cost?

If you’re simply wanting to redesign your current plates, it’ll set you back $199. Custom designs of the standard and slim plate sizes start from $1049, whereas custom designs of the longer Euro plates and Euro plates with the fern start from $1249 – with redesigns starting from $349.

  • Standard redesign $199
  • Standard custom design from $1049
  • Slim custom design from $1049
  • European redesign from $349
  • European custom design from $1249

Pricing is correct at the time of publishing, however subject to change. Please contact us for more information.

Volkswagen R-line with black number plate

Image / Kiwi Plates

Benefits of custom black plates

Not only are they a great way to enhance the look of your vehicle, make a statement and express yourself, they also just look cool. 

From a more practical side of things, custom plates can prevent your car from dating. Your standard government-issue plates begin with a letter relevant to the year your vehicle was registered, and as time goes on this can be one of the most recognisable ways to spot the age of a car.

Custom plates are an effective way to future-proof your investment.

The history of black plates in New Zealand

Black plates originated in New Zealand back in 1964 – silver letters and numbers adorned black aluminum plates that you’ll still find on older vehicles today. These were phased out in November of 1986 with the introduction of the white plates we know today.

Black number plates 1960s cars

Not just black plates!

Looking for further ways to enhance your vehicle? European vehicle owners are spoilt for choice with custom plate options including branded plates, allowing drivers to bear the logos of iconic brands such as Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Lexus, Jaguar, Porsche, and more. However, these are yet to be released with a black background. In addition to this, exclusive European ‘Z Series’ plates are also available.

Do you have a black plate?

We’d love to see – bonus points for those with a unique story behind your plate’s design! We look forward to seeing your photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, contact us here.

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