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We’re proud to represent Kia in Christchurch and ready to help you find your next vehicle. Kia vehicles have often topped world-renowned studies for dependability and overall vehicle quality, and our Kia owners are a testament to the enjoyment that comes with owning a new Kia vehicle. Kia has a wide range of vehicles from compact cars, SUVs, and people-movers, which you can view below. The range also includes electric vehicles of either 100% EV or plug-in hybrid.

Our customers regularly join us on our social media channels to comment on how much they enjoy their new car, and also to congratulate other new owners on joining the Kia family!

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Kia Awards

We’re immensely proud that Kia topped the J.D. Power Quality Study in 2019. An impressive achievement in itself, yet shadowed by the fact that this was Kia’s fifth consecutive year at number one. View Kia’s press release.

Other recent awards include:

Kia SUV Range

Kia Stonic Small SUV

Kia Stonic Compact SUV

Meet one of the most fun small SUVs on the road, the Stonic. With city car agility and striking SUV presence, the new Kia Stonic will be a firm favourite in our market, where it joins the Seltos, Sportage, Niro and Sorento to create one of the most impressive SUV ranges offered in New Zealand.

Stonic Model Prices

  • Stonic LX from $25,990+ORC MRP
  • Stonic EX from $28,990+ORC MRP
  • Stonic Limited from $30,990+ORC MRP
  • Stonic GT Line from $32,990+ORC MRP
  • Stonic GT Line+ from $34,990+ORC MRP
Yellow Kia Seltos driving on a sealed road next to water.

Kia Seltos Compact SUV

Meet Kia’s latest compact SUV on the market – the mighty Seltos. Featuring a spacious and welcoming interior with Intelligent Driver Interface, this new SUV packs a punch.

Seltos Model Prices

  • Seltos LX from $32,490+ORC MRP
  • Seltos LX-S from $33,490+ORC MRP
  • Seltos LX Plus from $36,490+ORC MRP
  • Seltos EX from $38,490+ORC MRP
  • Seltos LTD from $43,490+ORC MRP
  • Seltos LTD Turbo from $47,490+ORC MRP

New Kia Sportage in Christchurch

Kia Sportage Medium SUV

The latest generation of the best-selling five-seater Kia Sportage SUV has arrived at Cockram Kia, Christchurch. Featuring Kia’s new design language, the 2022 Sportage has an all-new look and will be a benchmark in it’s section. Get in touch today to secure your test drive.

Sportage Model Prices

  • Sportage LX from $39,990+ORC MRP
  • Sportage LX Plus from $41,990+ORC MRP
  • Sportage Deluxe from $49,990+ORC MRP
  • Sportage X-Line from $57,990+ORC MRP

White Kia Sorento parked on city street.

Kia Sorento 7-Seater SUV

The Kia Sorento 7-seater SUV is packed with the latest technology to keep you connected while you enjoy the journey. It’s driving enjoyment made easy.

Sorento Model Prices

  • Sorento Hybrid EX from $63,990+ORC MRP
  • Sorento Hybrid Premium from $78,990+ORC MRP
  • Sorento PHEV EX from $74,990+ORC MRP
  • Sorento PHEV Premium from $89,990+ORC MRP

Grey Kia Niro Hyrid parked next to a city building.

Kia Niro SUV Hybrid

The Kia Niro Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid provide advanced technology with all the space you need, while the Niro EV offers a full electric-vehicle alternative.

Niro Model Prices

  • Niro Hybrid LX from $40,990+ORC MRP
  • Niro Hybrid LX+ from $42,990+ORC MRP
  • Niro Hybrid Deluxe from $45,990+ORC MRP
  • Niro Hybrid Premium from $49,990+ORC MRP
  • Niro Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) from $55,990+ORC MRP
  • Niro EV from $77,990+ORC MRP

Grey Kia EV6 SUV crossover parked on a mountain road in the USA.

Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is our first dedicated Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) built on an all-new platform. The pioneering SUV will be available with a choice of multiple zero-emission powertrains, offering an all-electric range of up to 510 kilometers.

EV6 Model Prices

  • Prices to be released soon

Kia Compact Car Range

White Kia Picanto GT parked in city centre.

Kia Picanto Subcompact Car

Impressive handling, comfortable space for passengers, and an attractive price tag are all wrapped neatly in the Kia Picanto’s striking design. Heralded for its impressive perks, you’ll want a test drive this subcompact car to see for yourself.

Picanto Model Prices

  • Picanto LX from $19,990+ORC MRP
  • Picanto EX from $21,990+ORC MRP
  • Picanto GT-Line from $23,990+ORC MRP
  • Picanto X-Line from $23,990+ORC MRP

Yellow Kia Rio parked next to a park.

Kia Rio Compact Hatchback

The Kia Rio provides all the amenities of a small car with the sporty resilience of a larger SUV. With a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, safety features like straight line stability, hill start assistance, and more, you’ll find driving a breeze.

Rio Model Prices

  • Rio LX from $23,990+ORC MRP
  • Rio EX from $27,990+ORC MRP
  • Rio Limited from $28,990+ORC MRP
  • Rio GT-Line from $30,990+ORC MRP
  • Rio GT-Line Plus from $32,990+ORC MRP

Kia Cerato Hatch in silver parked on a city street.

Kia Cerato Hatch

Handsome, stylish, and ready for adventures, the fourth-generation Kia Cerato is ready to take on the streets. Whether you’re needing a vehicle with good fuel economy to zip around town or plenty of boot space and a comfy ride for a road trip, the Cerato has you covered.

Cerato Model Prices

  • Cerato LX from $31,990+ORC MRP
  • Cerato LX+ from $35,990+ORC MRP
  • Cerato Deluxe from $38,990+ORC MRP
  • Cerato GT from $42,990+ORC MRP

Red Kia Stinger performance coupe driving on a mountain road.

Kia Stinger Performance Coupé

Emerging from the rear-wheel drive shadows, the Kia Stinger pierces through all expectations of what Kia can deliver in a performance coupé. Hold on, there are surprises and delights are around every corner.

Stinger Model Prices

  • Stinger GT Line from $69,990+ORC MRP
  • Stinger GT Sport from $79,990+ORC MRP

Kia People-Mover Range

Grey Kia Carnival people mover van parked outside a modern home.

Kia Carnival People-Mover

Not what you’d expect from a people-mover, the Kia Carnival over-delivers in all aspects. With a quiet, comfy ride, plenty of space for passengers and luggage, and impressive modern amenities, there’s a lot to desire about the Carnival.

Carnival Model Prices

  • Carnival EX from $59,990+ORC MRP
  • Carnival Deluxe from $69,990+ORC MRP
  • Carnival Premium from $74,990+ORC MRP

Interior of a black Kia Sportage SUV.

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