We’ve made comparing our Large SUV range easy

With ample choice on the market, we’ve made it easy to compare large SUVs as stress-free as possible. In this guide we’ll be comparing some of New Zealand’s most popular large, luxury and performance SUVs. Categorised from everyday options to premium, performance, luxury, hybrid, electric, and more.

When you’re ready to test drive, be sure to read this handy article about what you can expect when test driving a vehicle.

For bigger adventures, look no further than our range of large SUVs. Designed with performance and functionality in mind, you won’t have to leave anything – or anyone – behind.

Large SUVs are the height of premium vehicles. Practical enough to handle anything you throw at it, without having to compromise on striking looks, premium comfort and luxury touches both inside and out. They quite simply will take you anywhere and everywhere – in the utmost comfort and style.

There’s a reason the SUV market is the largest growing vehicle segment in New Zealand right now – they are the perfect all-round vehicle, easily adapting to anything you throw at it and seamlessly fitting into the kiwi lifestyle.

After something a touch smaller? Have a look at our midsize SUV range – slightly smaller, with many offering the same technology, safety and performance specifications as their bigger family members. 

Whether your criteria includes extra boot space, a hybrid option or supercharged performance, we’re sure to have your dream large SUV in your budget. As the single largest collection of automotive brands in New Zealand, we have on offer an array of award-winning SUVs.

So what exactly is a Large SUV?

Gone are the days of having to transport more than four people in people-mover or van, that wasn’t so easy on the eye and a pain to park in town. Let us drive you into the future with our range of large SUVs. Just as practical, but a great deal more stylish and comfortable.

If you’re looking at large SUVs you’re likely wanting a vehicle that can tackle tougher terrain, but is also a breeze to drive through town. They’re perfect for carrying up to 7 passengers in total comfort and style, where ever you choose to go. With the latest in performance, technology and safety features they are truly the do-anything, go-anywhere vehicle perfectly suited to the Kiwi lifestyle. Whether you’re heading up to the mountain with friends or doing the school run, a large SUV will get the job done.

Purchasing a Large SUV

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting and important journey, and for most people is the second most biggest purchase after a house. With such a big purchase, you naturally want to do some research. With so many different options and specs out there we understand it can get overwhelming, quickly. So, let us take you through the difference between all the models on offer as we break down fuel economy, boot space, towing capacity, performance and more.

Have a browse below, or alternatively speak to one of our team members using the live chat function in the lower right hand corner of your screen and one of our Miles Group team will be in touch to point you in the right direction.

We understand, more than most, that you may not be ready to speak to a salesperson just yet, but our team have insights into current stock availability – including what’s here at the dealership, what’s available in the country, and what’s due to arrive on the next boat – that we’re more than happy to share with you. You can make an enquiry here.

Test driving a Large SUV

If you know what you’re looking for, feel free to complete a test drive booking to get the ball rolling.

Preparing yourself for a test-drive? Be sure to read this handy article about what you can expect when test driving a vehicle.

Choose a category

To help find a large SUV that suits your lifestyle and budget, choose your preferred category below.

Compare Everyday Large SUVs

These everyday large SUVs are exactly that; suitable for everyday use and offering appeal to a wide market. Whether taking the kids to school or heading to the bach, these cars get the job done while offering excellent value.

View our range of large SUVs from roughly $48,000 to $60,000

CUPRA Formentor Large SUV

Experience complete adrenaline with the CUPRA Formentor. A performance SUV with a coupe silhouette, the Formentor delivers daring design and performance that is uniquely 100% CUPRA. 

“Why would I buy it? Because you want one of the best looking, best handling, most fun small SUVs on the market today. Because you appreciate Cupra’s slightly obscure enthusiast appeal (that Skoda used to have) and, in the case of the V 4Drive, you want all of that, but don’t care about the extra grunt and want to save yourself a tidy sum instead.” – Damien O’Carroll, Stuff NZ

CUPRA Formentor

  • From 6.6 L/100 km fuel economy
  • Front wheel drive and all wheel drive
  • Up to 2,000 kg braked towing capacity
  • 1,415 litres storage with the seats down
  • Petrol
  • 5 year/100,000 km CUPRA warranty*
  • Explore the CUPRA Formentor
  • NZ Autocar: Performance Car of the Year 2022

  • World Car of the Year 2021 Finalist

  • Carbuyer: Best Hot SUV 2022


You’ll experience complete comfort on the road and infinite possibilities of adventure in the KODIAQ. A family-favourite for a reason, with features that elevate the functionality, design, space, plus state of the art technology. 

“A Top Gear award winner in the past, and rightly so – Skoda’s big crossover is all things to all families”  – Top Gear

Škoda Kodiaq

  • From 6.3 L/100 km fuel economy
  • 2WD and 4WD
  • Up to 2,000 kg braked towing capacity
  • 2,065 litres storage space with the seats down
  • Petrol and diesel
  • 5 year/150,000 km Škoda warranty*
  • Explore the Škoda Kodiaq
Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Forward thinking design, dynamic interior, top of the line tech, efficient and responsive powertrains and the ultimate in safety systems deliver a responsive, optimal drive. The all-new Sportage is a true inspiration and it’s no wonder why it’s a Kiwi favourite. 

“This Sportage is an incredibly impressive package for its price point. It’s comfortable, practical, and best of all, great value.” – Driven NZ

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 

Peugeot 5008

Say hello to a whole new level of imposing style, full of space and boldness. The new Peugeot 5008 revamps the modernity of its lines, displaying the design codes of tomorrow. Packed with top-of-the-range features, the 5008 offers you enhanced driving experience with the performance of a grand touring car. 

“The Peugeot 5008 is stylish, practical, good to drive and one of our favourite large SUVs.” – What Car

Peugeot 5008

  • From 5.9 L/100 km fuel economy
  • Front wheel drive
  • 1,800 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 1,940 litres of storage space with the rear seats down
  • Petrol
  • 3 year/100,000 km Peugeot warranty*
  • Explore the Peugeot 5008
Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner fears no adventure. Ready for work and the weekend, it turns heads on or off road with its bold styling and spacious interior. Based off the popular Hilux Ute, it’s made for all terrains and will handle anything you can throw at it. 

Everything is as easy and effortless as the Hilux when heading off-road and, like the ute, just makes crawling over rough stuff seem easy. And that is the true beauty of the Fortuner – it is as utterly effortless to drive and live with as it is to tow a fully loaded horse float, head down the back of the farm or climb the side of a mountain in. – Stuff NZ

Toyota Fortuner

  • From 8.7 L/100 km fuel economy
  • Rear wheel drive (part time 4WD)
  • Max 3,100 kg braked towing capacity
  • 296 litres of storage space with the seats up
  • Diesel
  • 3 year/100,000 km Toyota warranty*
  • Explore the Toyota Fortuner
Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is the ultimate large 7-seater SUV, available in diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. For driving enjoyment made easy, look no further than the Sorento. With the latest connectivity and infotainment technology, enhanced super ergonomics and an intuitive user experience. 

“The Sorento’s reassuringly weighted steering allows you to place the car confidently on twisty rural roads and also makes it easy to track straight and true on motorways. In town, you’ll find the wheel becomes light enough to twirl easily, too.” – What Car

Kia Sorento

Compare Premium Large SUVs

Our range of premium crossover SUVs offer a step up in technology, design and performance. For those that desire a car that does more than just get you from A to B.

View our range of premium crossover SUVs from roughly $50,000 – $80,000

Toyota Highlander

Meet Toyota’s most powerful hybrid SUV yet. With AWD, 2,000 kg braked towing capacity and 7 seats, there’s plenty of room for luxury and adventure. With a bold on road presence, it’ll turn more heads than corners. 

Toyota Highlander

  • From 6.2 L/100 km fuel economy
  • All wheel drive
  • 2,000kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 332 litres of storage space with seats up
  • Petrol Hybrid
  • 3 year/100,000 km Toyota warranty*
  • Explore the Toyota Highlander
Kia EV6

Pure electric genius meets your family-favourite large SUV.  Far from your typical EV, this multi-award winning model sets industry standards in design, performance, comfort and efficiency. Experience up to 528 kilometres of  all-electric, thrilling driving with the EV6. 

Kia EV6

  • Electric Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
  • Battery Type Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
  • Travel up to 528 km on a single charge
  • Rear wheel drive and all wheel drive
  • 1,600 kg braked towing capacity
  • 5 year/100,000 km Kia warranty*
  • 7 year/160,000 km battery warranty*
  • Explore the Kia EV6
  • Autocar: Best Electric Car

  • 2022 Car of the Year

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is renowned for combining ruggedness with luxury, crafting a truly durable yet luxury SUV. An unmatched performer both on and off the road, the Prado remains synonymous with supreme ability with a reputation for incontestable toughness. Don’t be fooled by its rugged exterior, inside you’ll find details such as three-zone climate control and 9 speaker audio system for complete passenger comfort. 

“Probably the defining factor for us deciding to pick the Prado over other 4WD options would be that towards the end of our trip, my wife and I started fighting over who got to drive the next leg. She loved driving the Prado and felt quite comfortable in a vehicle twice the height size of her car.”- Driven NZ

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

  • From 9.1 L/100 km fuel economy
  • Four wheel drive
  • 3,000 kg braked towing capacity
  • 1,833 litres storage capacity with the rear seats down
  • Diesel
  • 3 year/100,000 kilometre Toyota warranty*
  • Explore the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Volkswagen Toureg

The Volkswagen Touareg is a large SUV that competes against some of the best luxury vehicles available while offering surprising value given the extensive equipment list. With a powerful front and elongated bonnet, sharp contour lines, and striking LED tail light clusters, the Touareg knows how to grab attention, whilst also providing a powerful and comfortable driving experience. 

“The Volkswagen Touareg is a quick, comfortable, and refined luxury SUV that comes loaded with clever technology.” – Dean Gibson, Auto Express

Volkswagen Toureg

Nissan Patrol

With a sleek new look and powerful V8 engine, the new Nissan Patrol is ready to tackle any terrain in style. Tough, capable and sleek are three words that perfectly some up the Patrol. Nissan has combined power (560 Nm of torque) with the latest comfort and safety features to craft a truly luxury large SUV. 

“The Patrol gets off the mark quicker than you expect, and the whole drive experience is a lot more rapid than you might be expecting, too. It rolls up to freeway speed with almost comical ease, such is the creamy nature of the way the V8 generates power. It’s quiet and refined – you know there is a V8 under the massive bonnet, but it doesn’t make the usual rumble that you might be accustomed to.” – Trent Nikolic, Drive Australia

Nissan Patrol

  • From 14.4 L/100 km fuel economy
  • 4WD
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • 1,490 litres storage space with the rear seats down
  • Petrol
  • 5 year/150,000 kilometre Nissan warranty*
  • Explore the Nissan Patrol
Nissan Pathfinder

Having undergone a rugged redesign, the new PATHFINDER features a strong Nissan V-motion front grille, wheel arch flares, and short front overhang. A powerful 3.5 litre V6 petrol engine and 9 speed automatic, plus the latest Nissan technology will keep you connected and comfortable on your journey. 

“It’s loaded with features from the base variant up, ensuring great value despite the price increase, and it does this in a very attractive package. Welcome back Pathie!” – CarsGuide.com.au


  • From 10.5 L/100 km fuel economy
  • 4WD
  • 2,700 kg braked towing capacity
  • 782 litres storage space with the rear seats down
  • Petrol
  • 5 year/150,000 kilometre Nissan warranty*
  • Explore the Nissan PATHFINDER

Compare Luxury Large SUVs

Discover the top-of-the-line midsize SUVs. Real head-turners, these SUVs are as stylish as they are powerful. Step inside and you’ll find top-spec technology, innovative safety features, with lavish touches on the seats, dashboard and more. Outside, striking and dynamic looks, with no attention to detail spared. Throw in their incredible performance and you’ve got some of the most incredible midsize SUVs on the market.

View our range of luxury midsize SUVs from roughly $90,000+

Jaguar F-PACE

The F-PACE is Jaguar’s award-winning answer to a luxury performance SUV. Unmistakable attention to detail, refined Jaguar performance and intuitive technology make every journey feel extraordinary.

“It’s almost impossible to poke holes in it, such is the ferocity and savagery of its performance. I don’t recall a single time I didn’t have a big stupid grin plastered over my face while taking off from lights, let alone hitting an empty on-ramp in Dynamic mode.” – Nile Bijoux, Stuff NZ

Jaguar F-PACE

  • From 7.3 L/100 km fuel economy
  • iAWD
  • 2,400 kg braked towing capacity
  • 650 litres storage capacity with the rear seats up
  • Petrol, diesel and hybrid
  • 3 year/100,000 kilometre Jaguar warranty
  • Explore the Jaguar F-PACE
  • 2017 World Car of the Year

  • 2017 World Car Design of the Year

Mercedes-Benz GLC Midsize SUV

Whether you’re on a kiwi roadtrip or a short trip across town, the Volvo XC90 will do it in both style and comfort. The most advanced technology helps connect your drive to personalised comfort and mobility, designed just for you. Even with 7 people inside, you’ll still find that even the longest trips are done in the utmost comfort. 

“… as a premium-brand seven-seater with top-notch quality it’s still pretty hard to fault. It doesn’t claim to be all things to all people; but it is an exquisite family car with a lot of cool Swedish character.” – David Linklater, Driven

Volvo XC90

  • From 8.2 L/100 km fuel economy
  • All wheel drive
  • 2,400 kg braked towing capacity
  • 651 litres storage capacity with the rear seats up
  • Petrol hybrid
  • 3 year/unlimited kilometre Volvo warranty*
  • Explore the Volvo XC90
Mercedes-Benz GLE

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is more intelligent and attentive than ever – the GLE truly does cast the SUV in a whole new light. Muscular forms and clear lines define the design of the GLE, with every detail both inside and outside designed to offer you the greatest freedom and comfort. This is the perfect SUV for those who desire the ultimate in luxury. 

“This seamless and incredibly smooth power combines with the GLE’s high levels of quality and technology to produce an deeply impressive thing to drive.” – Stuff.co.nz

Mercedes-Benz GLS

  • From 7.7 L/100 km fuel economy
  • 4MATIC all wheel drive
  • Up to 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Storage capacity TBC
  • Petrol
  • 5 year/unlimited kilometre Mercedes-Benz warranty*
  • Explore the Mercedes-Benz GLS
Audi Q7

Enjoy a classic Audi driving experience in the Q7, thanks to the quatro all wheel drive and intelligent suspension. Delivering powerful design and plenty of space for up to 7 people, this luxury SUV is perfect for putting around town in but also thrives off-road or up the ski field. 

“Audi Q7 is one of the best luxury SUVs on sale.” -Auto Express UK

Audi Q7

  • From 8.1 L/100 km fuel economy
  • quattro all wheel drive
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 2050 litres storage space with the rear seats down
  • Petrol and diesel
  • 5 year/150,000 km Audi warranty
  • Explore the Audi Q7
Land Rover Discovery

Quite simply the most versatile seven seater SUV. Designed for life, balanced proportions and a transformed interior space combine with capability and composure in equal measure. No adventure is out of reach, and where ever you do go you’ll turn heads. 

Land Rover Discovery

  • From 7.8 L/100 km fuel economy
  • iAWD
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 2,391 litres storage space
  • Diesel
  • 3 year/100,000 km Land Rover warranty
  • Explore the Land Rover Discovery
Range Rover Sport

Land Rover’s most dynamic SUV yet can be summed up in two words; performance and capability. With a range of advanced technology both inside and out, sportier design cues and a powerful muscular stance, every aspect of this vehicle is designed for impact. 

“every time I hear the mighty supercharged V8 explode into life and roar like a disgruntled bear as it accelerates obscenely off the line, my bogan side giggles like an excited schoolboy. Every. Damn. Time. It is awesome. I love it.” – Damien O’Carroll, Stuff NZ

Range Rover Sport

  • From 8.2 L/100 km fuel economy
  • All wheel drive
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 1,686 litres storage space
  • Diesel and petrol
  • 3 year/100,000 km Land Rover warranty
  • Explore the Range Rover Sport
Audi Q8

After a vehicle that seamlessly combines the elegance of a four door luxury coupe with the practicality of a large SUV? Let us introduce you to the Audi Q8. Comprehensively equipped and connected, it’s ready for off-road duty and tackling New Zealand’s tougher terrain. A confident companion for both business and leisure. 

“Audi’s big, aggressive Q8 is a comfortable cruiser and more practical than expected, with its smart interior a sure crowd pleaser” – Top Gear

Audi Q8

  • From 10.1 L/100 km fuel economy
  • quattro all wheel drive
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 1,755 litres storage space
  • Petrol
  • 5 year/150,000 km Audi warranty
  • Explore the Audi Q8
Mercedes-Benz G-Class

A classic for a reason. With design that speaks for itself, the G-Class is truly one of a kind. Not only are the exterior and interior unmistakably distinctive (only the G-Class looks like the G-Class), the vehicle can be crafted to reflect your personality and style. Designed on the track, ready to tackle off the track driving with ease – the G-Class is outstanding on any surface and has always lead the way in terms of climbing ability,  fording depth and more. And who says you have to do without comfort? Not the G-Class, with luxury touches throughout the spacious interior that make even the toughest terrain smooth and comfortable. 

Mercedes Benz G-Class

  • From 13.1 L/100 km fuel economy
  • 4MATIC all wheel drive
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 1,246 litres storage space
  • Diesel
  • 5 year/unlimited kilometre Mercedes-Benz warranty*
  • Explore the Mercedes-Benz G-Class
New Range Rover

The most desirable ever created – make every journey an occasion with the new Range Rover.  Designed to deliver industry-leading peerless refinement in any environment. Whether you’re arriving at the theatre or heading up the ski field, the new Range Rover truly elevates the concept of luxury travel and enhances the way customers interact with the vehicle across the board. Managing the health and wellbeing of it’s occupants both physically and digitally, you’ll feel 100% at home wherever you go. 

“The new model is an evolution of the Range Rover marque – the technology and grandeur details showcase industry firsts, solidifying the unparalleled league of the Range Rover.” – Damien O’Carroll, Stuff NZ

Range Rover

  • From 7.4 L/100 km fuel economy
  • All wheel drive
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 2,727 litres storage space with the rear seats down
  • Petrol, diesel and Plug-in Hybrid
  • 3 year/100,000 kilometre Land Rover Warranty*
  • Explore the Range Rover

“But the new Defender – particularly the 110 – also exceeds as a family car with a deep and wide backstory. It just makes you feel adventurous. And when you do use its ability – as an off-roader, a snowy-roader, a towing roader – it’d feel immensely reassuring. It’ll carry mountains of kit, and shrug off the dirt and wet. Or, if you’ve bought the V8 110, it’ll swallow all of your belongings and children, then fire them cross-country with great pace and drama.” – Top Gear Team

Land Rover Defender

  • From 7.6 L/100 km fuel economy
  • All wheel drive
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 1,563 litres storage space
  • Petrol or diesel
  • 3 year/100,000 kilometre Land Rover Warranty*
  • Explore the Land Rover Defender
Lexus LX green front quarter parked in front of a wooden house.

“But the new Defender – particularly the 110 – also exceeds as a family car with a deep and wide backstory. It just makes you feel adventurous. And when you do use its ability – as an off-roader, a snowy-roader, a towing roader – it’d feel immensely reassuring. It’ll carry mountains of kit, and shrug off the dirt and wet. Or, if you’ve bought the V8 110, it’ll swallow all of your belongings and children, then fire them cross-country with great pace and drama.” – Top Gear Team

Lexus LX

  • From 10.2 L/100 km fuel economy
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • 3,500 kg braked towing capacity
  • Up to 1,563 litres storage space
  • Diesel
  • 4 year/unlimited kilometre Lexus Warranty*
  • Explore the Lexus LX

Compare Large Performance SUVs

No compromises here. With exclusive extras such as alloy wheels, extra driving modes, distinctive performance finishes, premium sound systems and incredible power, these models are true performance vehicles. 

Kia EV6 GT

Combine supercar performance with zero emissions – all wrapped up into a large SUV. The EV6 GT features optimised suspension, braked, chassis, steering, and electric motors that create a truly unique driving experience. Key highlights include:

  • 0 – 100km/h in 3.5 seconds
  • A top speed of 260 KPH
  • An all-electric range of 424 km WLTP*

Explore the Kia EV6 GT at Autoworld Timaru
Explore the Kia EV6 GT at Cockram Kia Christchurch 

Audi RS Q8

The RS Q8 brings performance into a new dimenson. Audi’s most powerful SUV coupe from Audi Sport yet, with a staggering output of 441 kW. In addition to its RS performance, this model impresses with exceptional versatility in both terms of driving experience and design.

For thrills at the touch of a button, follow your urges and look no further than the RS Q8. Maximum torque of 800 Nm combined with the permanent quattro drive and 8-speed tiptronic combine to deliver pure dynamism.

The performance capability of the Audi RS Q8 leaps to the eye, thanks to RS-specific elements that draw attention to its athletic character from every angle. The bold rear reinterprets dynamics – thanks, among other things, to the RS-specific glossy black diffuser insert with matt aluminium horizontal bridge and the RS-typical oval tailpipes.

For those that desire a supercar and SUV all wrapped up into one exciting package, look no further than the RS Q8.

“The RSQ8 is an astonishing piece of engineering and you can feel the full might of the VW Group’s tech budget behind it. In isolation it’s hit its brief square on the nose – to be fast, loud and in-your-face – and possess a command over the forces of physics that’s remarkable.” – Top Gear

Explore the Audi RS Q8


The F-PACE SVR is Jaguar’s ultimate performance SUV, delivering greater performance, agility and dynamism than ever before. From 0-100km/h in just 4.0 seconds, its powerful 5.0 litre V8 supercharged engine with 550PS (405kW) of power and 700Nm of torque guarantees a thrilling driving experience each time you get behind the wheel.

Featuring an SVR body kit with exclusive satin grey finishes, the option of suedecloth or Windsor leather interior with performance seating, the style matches up to the substance.

“Taking the Jaguar F-PACE out to the Waikato country roads was every bit as thrilling as you’d expect it to be. Jaguar’s racing pedigree is fully on show and the car delivers a heavy SUV driving experience like no other; the drive is controlled and impressively forgiving of road surface imperfections without detracting from the control that someone, who loves the experience of driving, demands. The car allows you to be the driver and that balance is not something that all competitors have perfected.” – Setti Mulari, Tarmac Life NZ

Explore the Jaguar F-PACE SVR

Read our Vehicle Support Specialist Jack’s review of the F-PACE SVR (spoiler – he also loves it).

Mercedes-AMG GLS

Not an SUV, but an AMG – perfect for those family-oriented fans of high performance.

The AMG version of the GLS is the pinnacle – Mercede’s finest SUV with AMG power. The most spacious and luxurious of all. The letters “AMG” stand for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach. Aufrecht and Melcher were the original founders of AMG and forged the performance/racing division. 

It isn’t hard to pick a true AMG out of the crowd. Distinguishable by its hallmark design features: the signature AMG radiator grille with vertical bars, the bonnet with powerdomes, the diverse range of wheels with optionally available forged wheels up to 23 inches in size and angular twin tailpipe trim elements with characteristic ribbing emphasise the sheer strength of the new Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC+.

A V8 biturbo engine and AMG performance all wheel drive provide white-knuckle, thrilling thrust – prepare to be captivated by technologies tested on the race track.

Explore the Mercedes-AMG GLS

Mercedes-AMG G-Class

Get ready for AMG performance in its most spectacular form.

AMG drivetrain and suspension technologies that have proven themselves on the race track installed in perhaps the most legendary of all cross-country vehicles. The unimaginable becomes true in the Mercedes-AMG G 63. With the elemental power of the V8 biturbo. With a suspension system that makes many things possible. And with the AMG design that never fails to impress.

The sheer power of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 hits you right away: the AMG-specific radiator grille, the optionally available 55.9 cm (22-inch) wheels and the distinctive AMG Performance exhaust system with two chrome-plated twin tailpipe trim elements exiting at the sides lend the icon an extrovert exterior.

“The leaps forward in road manners, cabin design and quality take the G-Class from being an ageing anachronism to a car that can be considered alongside top end Range Rovers.” – Top Gear 

Explore the Mercedes-AMG G-Class

Range Rover SV

The Range Rover SVAutobiography and SVAutobiography Dynamic truly represent the best that Range Rover has to offer. Both models combine the finest materials and outstanding performance to create an unrivalled luxury experience.

SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) DNA throughout these class-leading models takes luxury, performance, and capability to new levels to create unique Land Rover Vehicles.

“Pretty much everything that Range Rover has to offer comes with the big daddy SVAutobiography. There are an almost endless number of things you get in this car, but the main thing to realise is that you get an unrivalled cabin ambience.

There is so much room and it’s so quiet inside that it’s fair to say this Range Rover has a sense of luxury that rivals that of the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan for a fair bit less coin.” – CarExpert.com.au

Explore the Range Rover lineup

Compare EV & Hybrid Large SUV Options

Explore the future of mobility. The pinch at the petrol pump and the desire to shift to a cleaner, green options has resulted in an increase in popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles; including some excellent crossover and compact SUVs. 

Wanting to learn more about electric vehicles? Read our EV breakdown.

Haval H6 Midsize SUV

Everything you know and love about the original Haval H6, with a fuel-efficient hybrid engine. 

Haval H6 Hybrid

Toyota RAV4 hybrid SUV

Offering the same specification and luggage space as the 2-litre GXL Petrol, the RAV4 2.5-litre GXL Hybrid provides a fuel efficient all-wheel-drive system for urban and rural adventurers.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Volvo XC60 Hybrid

Meet the Hybrid XC60 – intelligent design at every turn. Hybrid power meets Volvo’s superior design touches, creating the ultimate in luxury hybrid SUVs that allows drivers to get one step closer to considerate mobility. 

Volvo XC60 Recharge Hybrid

Range Rover Velar Electric Hybrid

Every one of Land Rover’s vehicles delivers a dynamic driving experience – and the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Velar is no different. The 2.0 L engine offers a smooth and refined driving experience, whether you’re in Parallel Hybrid or EV mode. 

“The new Range Rover Velar P400e PHEV is as modern as they come, is loaded with extras, and offers a confident, efficient ride – what else would you expect!” – Dave McLeod, Tarmac Life

Range Rover Velar Hybrid

The Q4 e-tron is the first purely electric car in Audi’s SUV segment. Characterised by technological innovation, sportiness and functionality, the compact fully electric SUV captivates at first glance, thanks to its striking elegance.

Audi Q4

Volvo XC40 Compact SUV

Designed for the city and beyond, the XC40 is perfectly suited to those who like the practical features of an SUV while retaining many of the agile driving characteristics of a hatchback. 

“This car really has been designed for busy, active folk with kids, and it proved incredibly easy to live with. Between the glovebox, door pockets and cup holders front and rear and a centre console large enough to hold a box of tissues, there’s a place for everything.” – AA New Zealand 

Volvo XC40

  • A mild hybrid that recovers energy produced when breaking and stores it in a 48V battery
  • 6.9 L /100km fuel economy
  • Explore the Volvo XC40 
  • Looking for an full EV mid-size SUV? Be sure to check out the C40.
  • Electric Car Awards 2021: Best Hybrid Small SUV

Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV

The drivetrain of New Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid enhances travelling well-being through the combined benefits of a fully electric drive – ideal for daily journeys of up to 55 km* (WLTP test cycle) – and the PureTech 180 petrol engine for longer journeys.

Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid

Forget typical, this is grand. With a state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid powertrain up to 300hp and innovative features, this model is going to make a splash when it lands in the New Zealand market. 

Opel Grandland

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With access to 20 car brands across our network, we also have a large number of pre-loved large SUVs ready for their next home (including hybrids and EVs).

With new vehicles coming onto our yards daily our stock is always changing so we encourage to you to view the full range online. More often than not used vehicles come with their own warranty, and when you purchase a car from Miles Group the service doesn’t just stop when you drive off the yard. Our exceptional after-sales service, including personalised service and WOF reminders is designed to ensure you get the very best vehicle ownership experience around.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re after send our friendly team an enquiry and we’ll be more than happy to assist. Alternatively, chat live to one of our Miles Group members using the live chat function in the bottom right.

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Please note that – while care is taken to ensure all details on this page are correct – specifications, pricing and offers often change and information here may no longer be accurate. Images may also include overseas specification and/or optional accessories not included in the price. Our Sales Specialists are able to check and confirm up-to-date information on request. If you notice information that may be inaccurate, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you.

*Driving range figure standards are calculated using the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). Actual results achieved will differ according to operating conditions and driving style.

Information, imagery, and video on this pace may feature overseas vehicles along with their specifications, options, accessories, and pricing. For confirmation of pricing and models available in New Zealand, please speak to our specialists.

*Warranty information:

  • Every new Volkswagen comes with a 5-year/150,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Kia comes with a 5-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Toyota comes with a 3-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new ŠKODA comes with a 5-year/150,000 km warranty.
  • Every new PEUGEOT comes with a 5-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Audi comes with a 5-year/150,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Mercedes-Benz comes with a 5-year/unlimited km warranty.
  • Every new Nissan comes with a 5-year/150,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Lexus comes with a 4-year/unlimited km warranty.
  • Every new Volvo comes with a 3-year/unlimited km warranty.
  • Every new SEAT comes with a 5-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Opel comes with a 5-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Jaguar comes with a 3-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Citroën comes with a 5-year/150,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Porsche comes with a 3-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Peugeot comes with a 5-year/100,000 km warranty.
  • Every new Range Rover comes with a 3-year/100,000 km warranty.

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