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About the Miles Group

The Miles Group is one of New Zealand’s largest and most comprehensive motor vehicle sales, service, parts, and accessories retailing organisations. Currently the Group has over 450 staff members across 17 operational outlets in New Zealand.

Operations are based in Christchurch, but spread nationally and with international experience, the Group comprises 18 carefully selected franchises, catering for a broad spectrum of motoring preferences and drawn from the world’s finest manufacturers: Audi, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volkswagen, Kia, Peugeot, Citroёn, ŠKODA, and many more.

These marques, and the Group’s flourishing used vehicle outlets, are supported by sophisticated and well-staffed on-site and satellite service and parts facilities, meeting the needs of customers nation-wide.

With continued support in various charity, education, and sporting organisations the Miles Group celebrate success by giving back to local communities.


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Bruce & Kay Miles

Founder and Governing Director Bruce Miles, with the support of his wife Kay, combines a passion for the automotive industry with an understanding of the market, and over 40 years’ experience. Bruce’s instinct for the car business is evident in every aspect of his successful career, whether it is selling cars, (in New Zealand and England), managing dealerships, or pursuing his involvement in motor racing as a saloon car driver and team sponsor.

Today, Bruce & Kay continue their hands-on role with the Miles Group. An integral aspect of the Group’s success has been its ability to attract and retain high-calibre staff. Some have been with Bruce & Kay since the very beginning. Learn more about the history of the Miles Group.

Our Miles Group Team

Focused on the support of our extensive network of retail operations, the Miles Group team take care of daily tasks in overall operations, health & safety, marketing, property, IT, accounting, and more.

Andre Heyns

After 20 plus years of working for and within the Miles Group, I can firmly attest that our people make our business and with the best people in place we can ensure that we are the best company we can be. No business is able to survive or thrive unless they take care of their customers, and our loyal customers are the lifeline of our business. As Director of Business and Property I thoroughly enjoy working with a fabulous team of passionate, hardworking, and professional individuals that lead their various teams within our group. It is extremely important to me that the company culture and vision aligns with my set of values and beliefs. I have always relished the opportunity to be involved in a forward thinking and progressive family owned business that tries to make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

Tania Taylor

Jennifer Logan
Mark Lincoln

I’m humbled to lead our team of exceptional marketing professionals in all aspects of the Miles Group’s marketing. We’re proudly ‘in-house’. If you’ve ever spoken with our brands through social media, received an email campaign about your vehicle, read a helpful article on our websites, or viewed our group’s advertising in digital or print media, then you’ll have seen the work of our own team rather than out-sourced third parties. We pride ourselves on the personal touch. Reach out if you ever have any feedback for us on what we’re doing well or how we can improve. I look forward to hearing from you.

Colleen King
Rowan Barbalich
Peter Smith
Ash Pearson

My role at the Miles Group involves assisting and executing strategic marketing campaigns through many different mediums accessible to us as modern day marketers. My self-diagnosed OCD is supported by a Graphic Design degree which ensures quality visual communication is delivered and the brand direction of our 18 manufacturers is in focus. I like to align my interest and energy into supporting customer satisfaction processes and assist to continually improve the customer’s overall experience with us.

Emily Kloogh
Ashlyn Oswalt
Jamiee Dolan

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